In this sermon by Dr. Tony Evans titled “The Mystery of Christ in You”, he emphasizes the transformative power of accepting Christ into your life.

He discusses the church’s role in facilitating spiritual growth and maturity among its members. According to Dr. Evans, the church’s responsibility is not just to provide sermons for people to feel good but to infuse and affect their spiritual development.

This is done through preaching, teaching, and admonishing, all aimed at presenting every man and woman as spiritually mature at the Judgment seat of Christ.

Dr. Evans explains that preaching is the declaration of spiritual truth, designed to declare God’s word and call for a response to it. Teaching, on the other hand, is about understanding. It clarifies the preached word, helping people understand and apply it better.

Admonishing, the third aspect, involves counseling and correcting. It’s about personalizing what was preached and taught, helping individuals deal with what they cannot handle independently.

The sermon concludes with a call for wisdom in applying God’s word. Dr. Evans explains that wisdom is the relevant application of God’s word, keeping it applicable to modern challenges. He emphasizes that while the world is regularly changing, the word of God remains constant. Therefore, the church must adjust to keep the word relevant to what’s happening in the world today.

Christian Takeaways

  1. Accepting Christ into one’s life brings about a transformative power that empowers believers to live a changed life.
  2. The church plays a crucial role in facilitating spiritual growth and maturity among its members through preaching, teaching, and admonishing.
  3. The application of God’s word with wisdom keeps it relevant to modern challenges and assists believers in their journey of maturity and transformation.
  4. Spiritual growth is evidenced by change. If there’s no change, then there’s no growth.
  5. Christians should be open to correction and guidance from the church and fellow believers to help them in their spiritual journey.


Dear Lord,

Thank You for the power of Your word. Help us to embrace the change it brings. Guide us to understand and apply Your teachings in our lives.

Give us strength to grow spiritually and to accept guidance from our church and fellow believers. Let us reflect on Your love and grace in all we do.

In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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