Have Your Prayer Offered

Have your prayer shared by a Priest & Christians around the world from some of the holiest places on Earth.

How Does a Prayer Request Work?

Step 1

You submit your prayer.

Step 2

A priest offers your prayer from the holliest place on Earth, a pastor lights your candle and we submit your prayer to Churches, shrines and prayer groups.

Step 3

Christians around the world pray on your behalf.

1Your Prayer
2Your Details

Your prayer will be shared with Churches, Shrines, prayer groups and thousands of Christians around the world to pray for you

Your prayer request can be as short or as complicated as you need it to be.

What Other Christians Say

I've never felt so connected to a global community of believers. It's truly heartwarming to know that my prayers are being lifted by Christians across the globe.

Michael T

I can't express how much comfort and strength I've found through this service. In times of need, knowing that there are people around the world praying for me has given me immense hope and solace.

Olivia W

Prayers Multiplied, Miracles Magnified

Send your Prayer to be heard around the world.