Expectant Prayers for Reconciliation With An Ex

Prayer for Healing and Forgiveness

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come before you with a heart full of hope and longing. I ask for your divine intervention to heal the wounds between [Name] and me. Grant us the grace to forgive each other for the past and to move forward with love and understanding. In your mercy, bring us closer together and restore our relationship according to your will. Amen.

Prayer for Restoration of Love

Loving God,

I pray for the restoration of the love that once flourished between [Name] and me. Please soften our hearts and remove any bitterness or resentment. Help us to remember the good times and the love we shared, and guide us back to one another. Lord, let your love be the foundation of our renewed relationship. Amen.

Prayer for Guidance and Wisdom

Almighty Father,

I seek your guidance and wisdom in navigating the complexities of my relationship with [Name]. Show us the path to reconciliation and give us the strength to overcome any obstacles. Help us to communicate openly and honestly, and to make decisions that honor you. In your wisdom, lead us back to each other. Amen.

Prayer for Patience and Understanding

Gracious Lord,

I pray for patience and understanding as [Name] and I work towards reconciliation. Help us to be patient with each other’s flaws and to understand the reasons behind our actions. Grant us the ability to listen and empathize, so that we can rebuild our relationship on a stronger foundation. Amen.

Prayer for Mutual Growth

Heavenly Father,

I pray that both [Name] and I grow individually and together in our faith and love for you. Help us to support each other’s personal growth and to find strength in you. May our journey towards reconciliation be a testament to your power and love. Amen.

Prayer for a Fresh Start

Dear Lord,

I ask for a fresh start with [Name]. Help us to leave the past behind and to embrace a new beginning filled with hope and love. Guide us in rebuilding our relationship on a foundation of trust, respect, and faith in you. Amen.

Prayer for Emotional Healing

Compassionate God,

I pray for emotional healing for both [Name] and me. Heal the pain and hurt that has been caused and replace it with your peace and love. Help us to let go of any lingering negative emotions and to focus on the positive aspects of our relationship. Amen.

Prayer for Divine Intervention

Almighty God,

I humbly ask for your divine intervention in my relationship with [Name]. Work miracles in our hearts and lives that will lead us back to each other. Let your will be done and may our reconciliation bring glory to your name. Amen.

Prayer for Strength and Courage


I pray for the strength and courage to pursue reconciliation with [Name]. Help me to overcome any fears or doubts that may hold me back. Give us both the courage to face our issues together and to work towards a loving and fulfilling relationship. Amen.

Prayer for Peace and Harmony

Heavenly Father,

I pray for peace and harmony in my relationship with [Name]. Remove any conflicts or misunderstandings and replace them with your love and peace. Help us to find common ground and to work together towards a harmonious and loving relationship. Amen.

Prayer for Blessings and Favor

Gracious God,

I pray for your blessings and favor upon my relationship with [Name]. Pour out your love and grace upon us and guide us in our journey towards reconciliation. May our relationship be a source of joy and fulfillment, and may it bring us closer to you. Amen.

Prayer for Commitment and Dedication


I pray for commitment and dedication in my relationship with [Name]. Help us to remain steadfast in our efforts to reconcile and to build a stronger relationship. May our love be unwavering and our commitment to each other be a reflection of your love for us. Amen.

Prayer for Unity and Oneness

Dear God,

I pray for unity and oneness in my relationship with [Name]. Help us to become one in heart and mind and to work together towards a common goal. Let our relationship be a testament to your love and unity, and may it bring us closer to you. Amen.

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