Brothers and Sisters in Christ, gather around for a tale of divine intervention that will lift your spirits and bolster your faith!

Dr. Landon D. Vinson, a steadfast ER doctor, witnessed the hand of God work a modern-day miracle at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center. In the throes of the pandemic, a woman, lifeless despite an hour of CPR, was on the brink of eternity.

Her heartbeat was a mere echo of the adrenaline shots, not a flutter of life. The medical team was ready to let her go, but the husband’s faith called for a pause, for a pastor’s prayer.

Enter Rev. Randy DePriest, a man of God who, with the power of prayer, sparked a marvel.

As he prayed, life returned! The woman, deemed beyond reach, stirred under the pastor’s petitions. Dr. Vinson, an eyewitness to the inexplicable, saw her move, breathe, and even acknowledge her surroundings.

He admits, “I know she was dead before the prayer, and alive after.” This wasn’t just another day in the ER; it was a testament to the Almighty’s might!

Let us rejoice in this affirmation of heavenly power! Dr. Vinson may not fully grasp the ‘how’, but he knows the ‘Who’. The Lord’s work doesn’t play by our rules of science and medicine; He is the Great Physician, after all. So, let’s share this miraculous story, and remember, our God is an awesome God!

Now, let us reflect on the promise in Matthew 19:26, which says, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Just as the Lord moved in that hospital room, He moves in our lives every day. May we keep knocking, seeking, and asking, for our God is ever-present, listening, and capable of all things. Keep faith, dear friends, and may your hearts be ever open to the wonders of His love!

Dear Heavenly Father,

We stand in awe of Your mighty power and Your grace that transcends our understanding. We thank You for the miracle witnessed in Coffeyville, for the precious life restored, and for the faith that moves mountains. May this testimony strengthen our faith and remind us that with You, all things are possible. We pray for continued healing and blessings upon the woman revived and for all those who witnessed Your work, that they may be forever changed by Your love. In Jesus’ name.



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