Pious Prayers For Kindergarten Students

Morning Prayer

Dear God,

*Thank you for this beautiful morning.

Help me to learn and play today.

Bless my teachers, friends, and family.

Guide me in your ways, dear Lord.


Prayer Before Meals

Bless us, O Lord,

*and these your gifts,

which we are about to receive

from your bounty.

Through Christ, our Lord.


Prayer for Kindness

Dear Jesus,

*Help me to be kind to everyone I meet.

May my words be sweet and my actions gentle.

Teach me to love others as you love me.


Bedtime Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep,

*I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Angels watch me through the night,

And wake me with the morning light.


Prayer for Friends

Loving God,

*Thank you for my wonderful friends.

Help me to be a good friend to them.

May we always share joy and kindness.

Bless our friendship with your love.


Prayer for Family

Heavenly Father,

*Watch over my family today.

Keep them safe and healthy.

Fill our home with your peace and joy.

Help us to love and support each other always.


Prayer for Learning

Dear God,

*As I learn and grow each day,

Help me to always do my best.

Give me wisdom and understanding.

May I use my knowledge to help others.


Prayer for Safety


*Keep me safe and sound,

Whether at home, school, or playground.

Guard me from harm throughout the day,

In your care, I will always stay.


Prayer for Gratitude

Thank you, God,

*For all the blessings you give.

For my home, my school, my family, and friends.

Help me to always appreciate your gifts.


Prayer for Healing

Dear Jesus,

*When I am sick or feeling bad,

Comfort me and make me glad.

Heal my body and make me strong,

Help me to feel better all day long.


Prayer for Forgiveness

Dear God,

*I am sorry for any wrong I’ve done.

Please forgive me and help me to do better.

Teach me to say “I’m sorry” and to forgive others too.


Prayer for Guidance

Holy Spirit,

*Show me the right path each day.

Help me to make good choices and to be kind.

Guide my thoughts, words, and actions.

Lead me closer to you.


Prayer for Joy

Heavenly Father,

*Fill my heart with joy and laughter.

Help me to spread happiness wherever I go.

May your love shine through me today.


Prayer for Patience

Dear Lord,

*Teach me to be patient and understanding.

Help me to wait calmly and to be kind when things take time.

Fill my heart with your peace.


Prayer for Strength

Almighty God,

*Give me strength when I am tired.

Help me to keep going and to never give up.

With your help, I can do anything.


Prayer for Peace

Lord Jesus,

*Bring peace to my heart and mind.

Calm my worries and fears.

Help me to trust in you always.


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