If you have a special someone at church, but you have been struggling to find the courage to strike up a conversation or to tell them how you feel, these Christian pick-up lines are a clean and funny way to break the ice.

Not only will these clever lines lighten the mood and bring a giggle, but they are a subtle, light-hearted way of letting them know that you are interested.

They say that the best place to meet your future husband or wife is in church. I don’t know who “they” are, but I think they are exactly right. The Bible says we should not be unequally yolked in marriage which means that it is vital we choose a spouse who is also a Christian and has the same faith and beliefs as we do.

70 Christian Pick-Up Lines

  1. I was reading the book of Numbers the other day and I realized that I still don’t have yours.
  2. Can you touch me for just a second? Now I can tell my friends that I have been touched by an angel.
  3. I was going to read Proverbs 31, but then I realized that I can just study you.
  4. The Bible says “Give drink to those who are thirsty and feed the hungry.” So, how about dinner?
  5. Hey, let me check your tag…looks like I was right….Made in Heaven!
  6. Hi, I heard that God called you. Can I do the same?
  7. I believe one of my ribs belongs to you.
  8. Is your name Grace? Because you are amazing!
  9. Your hair is like a flock of goats descending from Mount Gilead.
  10. Moses turned a rod into a snake, I can’t do that, but I can make your dreams come true!
  11. Is your name Eve? Because you are the only woman in my world.
  12. Your name must be Milk or Honey because I think you are something I was promised.
  13. When I count my blessings I make sure to count you twice.
  14. Now I know why King Solomon had 700 wives….because he never met you.
  15. How many times do I need to walk around you for you to fall for me?
  16. Is your name David? Because you’re a man after my own heart!
  17. Are You Eve? Because to me you are the only woman in the world.
  18. I would leave the 99 sheep to come find you…and then I would happily carry you home on my shoulder.
  19. Is it a sin that you stole my heart?
  20. I’ll be happy to sleep at your feet just like Ruth.
  21. You are just like a Bible verse because I can’t stop memorizing you.
  22. You must be a fruit of the Spirit because you are so sweet.
  23. I might not be a prophet, but I can see a future with you.
  24. God really knocked it out of the park when he created you!
  25. The Bible says that God knows all of our thoughts…I guess that means He knows how much I think about you.
  26. You and me…we’re like the loaves and the fishes…we just might be a miracle together.
  27. Is your name David? Because you’re a man after my own heart.
  28. I know that God is in your heart, but is there still room for me?
  29. I already contribute to the offering, but I’d like to contribute my life to you.
  30. Is your name Faith? Because you’re the substance of the things I’ve hoped for.
  31. I’d like you to sing hymns to my future children.
  32. You must be a fisher of men because you just caught me!
  33. The Bible says let our requests be made known unto God…well, I prayed and here you are.
  34. You can just call me Pharaoh. Cause I’m never gonna give you up, never gonna let you go.
  35. Is the seat next to you saved? Because I am.
  36. What is your name and number so I can add you to my prayer list?
  37. I just want you to know that I am really praying for you.
  38. The Bible talks about being led by the Spirit. I think the Spirit led me to you.
  39. The Bible says to think on things that are pure and lovely…so I’ve been thinking about you all day.
  40. When I’m around you I feel like Samson when his hair was cut off…weak at the knees.
  41. When I read Philippians 4:8, I can’t help but think of you.
  42. I would say “God bless you”, but it looks like He already has.
  43. I think you just broke one of the 10 commandments because you just stole my heart.
  44. I always mention you in my prayers.
  45. The Bible says that charm is deceitful and beauty vain, but it’s clear to me that verse wasn’t talking about you.
  46. Ephesians 4: 29 says our words should lift others up and I am lifted up every time I hear your sweet voice!
  47. I wasn’t sure what the Bible meant about predestination until I met you.
  48. The fact that I met you is proof that God answers prayers.
  49. If we were there with Noah, you and me would be a pair.
  50. Hi, I’m Will…God’s will for you.
  51. Every time I read Proverbs 31 it makes me think of you.
  52. Maybe you can help me interpret the dreams I’ve been having about you.
  53. King Solomon had 700 wives, but you’re the only one I’ll ever need!
  54. I know Moses parted the Red Sea, but nothing could part you and I.
  55. Is your name Adam? Because, to me, you are the only man in the world.
  56. The way you worship the Lord is so attractive.
  57. Am I on the road to Damascus? Because your bueaty is blinding me.
  58. Is your name Joy? Because I always feel happy when your around.
  59. The Bible says we shouldn’t forsake the assembling of ourselves together. So, let’s get married so we can be together forever.
  60. You’ve been praying for answers…well, here I am.
  61. Are you a Pharisee? Because you’re the fairest one I see.
  62. The Bible says we should love our neighbors…I guess that means I need to buy a house right next to yours.
  63. Jesus paid the price for me, so I am freely yours.
  64. You’re just like Joshua because all of my walls are falling down for you.
  65. Are you sure your name isn’t Esther, because I think you were chosen for such a time as this.
  66. I love how you look while reading the Bible, perhaps we can read together sometime.
  67. The Bible says “He who finds a wife has found a good thing”. I know we’re not married yet, but you are definitely a good thing!
  68. I think it’s obvious that you sprouted from that good kind of soil.
  69. The Bible says to guard our hearts, but I don’t think I have to guard my heart against you.
  70. I pray every night for God to lead, guide, and direct me…and I think He is leading me straight to you.

Final Thoughts

Just remember, these lines are meant to be a funny and silly way to break the ice with someone or to make them laugh.

A Few tips:

  • Don’t forget to smile.
  • Only use these with people that you already know.
  • Avoid using these on someone else’s wife or husband!
  • Stay light-hearted even if no one laughs.
  • Some of these are also great to use with your own spouse!

These pick-up lines are not meant to be serious and should not be used during serious moments in church, especially not during the middle of the sermon when we should be paying attention or during prayer time or the worship service.

These lines are meant to be silly and funny and are sure to be an easy way to lighten up the mood and maybe even to let your special someone at church know that you are interested.

Just be sure to use these lines at your best discretion and keep in mind that every person is different, so reactions may vary.


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