You’ll want to hear about this heartwarming moment of a man inspired by Jesus.

A security camera at a widow’s home in Nebraska captures a FedEx driver doing something that’s not part of his delivery route duties. He’s shoveling snow off her porch.

Leigh Anne Skoda, a brave mom of three, had recently lost her husband to cancer. Times were tough, and the last thing she needed was a snowy porch.

Enter Brian Scholl, the FedEx driver with a heart as big as his delivery truck. Leigh Anne had a run-in with a stubborn tire cap, and Brian was right there to help her out.

They got to talking, and when he heard about her situation, Brian vowed to assist her in any way he could. Talk about delivering kindness!

He wasn’t looking for a pat on the back or even a thank-you. He just wanted to make good on his promise to help a neighbor out. Leigh Anne’s doorbell camera caught the whole act of kindness, and folks, it’s a beautiful sight that reminds us there’s still plenty of good in the world.

It’s these unexpected acts of kindness that can lift spirits and spread a little extra joy in our communities. Keep it up, Brian, and maybe we should all take a page out of his playbook!

Heavenly Father,

We give thanks for the selfless hearts and acts of kindness that reflect Your love in our world, such as the generosity shown by Brian to Leigh Anne in her time of need. We pray for comfort and strength for Leigh Anne and her children as they navigate life without their beloved husband and father.

May this act of kindness be a reminder to us all to care for our neighbors and to be Your hands and feet in a world that so desperately needs Your grace and compassion. In Your holy name, we pray.



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