Guided by a dream and biblical inspiration, Johan Huibers embarked on a faithful journey to craft his very own Noah’s Ark, transforming the words of scripture into a towering, tangible testament to perseverance and faith.

With a team of dedicated (and amateur) carpenters, Huibers forged this behemoth of biblical proportions, a true marvel spanning the size of a five-story building capable of welcoming over 5,000 souls.

Though his ark, a beacon of inspiration, faced challenges, Huibers’ spirit remained unshaken, his eyes set on the holy land, proving that with faith as one’s compass, even the most ambitious voyages find their wind​.​

In 1992, while reading “Noah’s Ark” to his children, Johan Huibers, a Dutchman, was struck with a divine spark to create an ark of his own.

This idea stemmed from a deep concern for potential floods in his homeland, as he had nightmares about such events. His first attempt was a smaller-scale model built in 2006, but his vision didn’t stop there. In 2008, he and a crew of amateur carpenters began constructing a full-scale replica of Noah’s Ark, guided by Old Testament dimensions.

This monumental task, completed in 2012, resulted in a structure with impressive dimensions: 75 feet high, 95 feet wide, and 410 feet long, weighing 2,500 tons, with a capacity to hold 5,000 people. The Ark was detailed with a steel frame, American cedar, and pine wood and was opened to the public, becoming a celebrated tourist attraction in Dordrecht, Netherlands.

However, Johan’s journey faced trials: a shutdown due to disagreements with local officials and thwarted plans to sail the Ark to Brazil for the 2016 Rio Olympics due to safety concerns, followed by an unsuccessful attempt to relocate the Ark to Israel because of wildfires.

Undeterred, Johan Huibers remains hopeful and now seeks donations to fund the Ark’s journey to Israel, needing $1.3 million for tugboats to transport the motorless vessel. His story is one of unwavering faith and an enduring testament to the spirit of human ingenuity and belief​.


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